Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Four Days Left!!!

I think it was on June 1st when I realized I could make it until the end of the year. Now that the last day of school is finally in sight on the calendar, I'm starting to breathe a little easier.

But only a little...

Since my last update New Kid was suspended for three days (out of school suspension, finally!). It was for deliberately throwing a ball at a girl's head, hitting her smack in the ear, then throwing the ball at the two friends who stuck up for her, and for yelling in one friend's ear so loudly that it hurt.

In addition to New Kid's antics, I've also had to deal with what the teachers are calling "The Great Chocolate Heist of 2010," and Dear in Headlights Two's decision to be mean to people and then lie about it. I'll be sharing both of these "great" stories this summer, when I have time to give them the proper attention they deserve. :)

I hope everyone out there is surviving the last few days of school and dreaming of fun ways to enjoy the summer months. What are you looking forward to this summer?

-Pigtailed Teacher