Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MLK Artwork

As part of our month long, integrated unit on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement, I had my students randomly pick an event from the civil rights timeline and make a collage to represent their particular the style of Henri Matisse (Why Matisse? I don't know? I guess because I like him and we rarely have a chance to do art and my parent art docent sucks this year...).

Anyway, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

Here's when Martin Luther King was named, "Man of the Year."

Oh look, it's baby Martin!

Here's Dr. King giving one of his speeches.

Uh, I know that the guy on the far right is King and that the other guy is stabbing him (which really happened), but I'm not sure who the guy on the left is and why he seems to be holding a laser gun...

Here's Martin giving his, "I Have a Dream" speech.

This is when Dr. King and civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy were put in jail.

I think this is when Dr. King graduated high school at 15 and went to college.

This is a portrait of Rosa Parks. I think she looks rather Jamaican, don't you? :)

This is one of many times Martin Luther King went to jail. I love his mustache in this one!

Here's when Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott got married.

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  1. I really liked what you did what your students. Tying in art with social studies can be extremely engaging for students. What grade is this? Their knowledge of the events that took place are nothing short of amazing. It's not often that you find so much information and detail about the historical accounts of African-Americans, or minorities for that matter, in the American school system (specifically) today. In many of the schools I have worked in or visited, the only thing students are even told that Dr. King did was give a famous speech entitled "I Have A Dream." Impressive!