Sunday, March 7, 2010

More From My Teacher's Diary

Here are some things I've written recently in my daily planner/teacher's diary:

  • "(New Kid's) meltdown continues...talking back all day..."I don't want to. I don't have to. No." Crawling under the tables. Not doing his work. So, after giving him choices and him not talking to me, I decided to call home. He cried, he yelled, and I listened to "Birthday Sex, " on his mom's phone. Refused to leave the room, so I had to call for the principal. He was out for over an hour."
  • "Kids were very chatty today-sort of like rainy day recess w/out the rain."
  • "Deer in Headlights did talk to his mom, but he's still a liar. Told the librarian he was talking about bleach." (And not b**ch...whatever!)
  • "Took away New Kid's Ipod."
  • "At Highlight's home, the gentleman (on the phone) didn't want to take my phone number." (I wonder why she never called me back? Hmm...)
  • "Had a drink at dinner."


  1. Sounds like a well-deserved drink at dinner. Shouldn't there be some rule that if your answering machine song is "Phone Sex", social services should pay a visit?

  2. There is a song called "phone sex"? I had no idea.

    Great blog! Glad I stumbled upon it. I teach first grade and had a similar chatty day today... without the rain.