Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break

For the past nine days I've completely enjoyed not being a teacher. I've thoroughly devoted myself to sleeping in, going to the movies, reading for pleasure, going to happy hours, writing letters, watching mindless tv, napping with the cat, hanging out with friends and family, and getting things done around the house. Not teaching even makes things like doctor visits, trips to Costco, and vet check-ups not so bad.

Now, at 8 o'clock on Sunday night, I'm pulling out my "bag of good intentions" to make sure I at least have a rough idea of what I'm teaching tomorrow.


At least I only have ten more weeks until summer vacation...unless I decide to teach summer school, that is.

Oy vay.


  1. I totally feel you pain girl. This is me today. I go back tomorrow and so today I will be digging out all my school books and getting my lesson plans done. =( It's beem so nice to not have to do anything!

  2. Hopefully you'll have a pretty good day...mine was. I think my naughty boy was too tired to cause me any big problems. Good luck!

  3. For me, the last day of break = scouring the internet for fellow teacher/bloggers (as a last-ditch effort to avoid actually being ready for tomorrow...)

    Your teacher notes made me smile. I'll be returning to read more.

    -another (sometimes-pigtailed) teacher

  4. Spring break is always over too quickly. I hope you're back in the swing of things - and now you're another week closer to the end... unless you teach summer school.

  5. Everyone needs a relaxing break once in awhile, even teachers.

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  6. Thanks for all the comments! I appreciate that someone out there understands. :)
    -Pigtailed Teacher