Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quotes From My Daily Planner

At the beginning of the school year, Urbanite Mommy ( gave me a personalized daily planner. At first I used it to write down the occasional meeting or doctor appointment, but it quickly became lost in my bag of good intentions. But in January I decided to re-purpose the planner into my "daily reflection/get these crazy kids out of my head/I'd better make note of this" teacher's diary.

Here are some of things I've written down in the past month and a half:

  • "New Kid has been off. Today I walked outside to pick the kids up at recess and see him swinging Highlights around in a one arm!"
  • "Deer in Headlights apparently threatened someone during chess today...chess!?!? of all things!"
  • "Highlights kissed Eeyore at recess."
  • "New Kid wore a fake tattoo sleeve today." (Boy, I wish I had my camera!)
  • "Someone was overheard at recess saying, 'Get it done, get it done, get it done. Make a baby, make a baby, make a baby.'"


  1. Yikes! Sometimes, I wish I were a fly on the wall just so I could get in on their conversations during lunch, recess, and sometimes in class!

  2. Wow! What grade are we talking about here?

  3. This year I'm teaching third grade. I agree that it would be great to hear their conversations when I'm not around. Maybe then I'd understand why they do the things they do! :)