Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Kid's Follow-Up Suspension Meeting

After New Kid was suspended (, a meeting with his mom was scheduled. The original incident happened on Thursday, so New Kid did day one of in-house on Friday (and missed the school walk-a-thon). He was supposed to do day two on Monday...the same day as his mom's meeting with the principal, the school psychologist, the school part-time counselor, resource teacher, school nurse, and me, but he didn't show up to school and neither did his mom.

No phone call, no e-mail, nothing.

"How are we suppose to help support your child when you won't support us, Mom?!?!"

We had the meeting without Mom, and we're finally talking about what's the right placement for this kid, especially for next year. We decided to invite a behavioral specialist into my classroom to observe the student, a higher-up in the special ed world was called for consultation, a new behavioral plan was put into place for him, and several other things were discussed. I did my best not to get overwhelmed and cry in front of my co-workers, but I think everyone in the meeting knew I was upset and concerned about the well-being of the other students in my class (and for myself!)

When New Kid came back on Tuesday he did his second day of in-house suspension (while missing a field trip to the theater) and then he started two weeks of supervised recess...that means he gets to walk around with the recess supervisors and watch the other kids play. I'll be giving you all more details about that next time!

-Pigtailed Teacher

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