Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where to Start?

I've been MIA for three weeks, so it's hard to decide where to start.

How about New Kid's two day, in-house suspension?

On April 21st, a Wednesday, I went to an all-day training with my principal and four of my co-workers. According to the note my sub left me, New Kid was a complete jerk to her, had a meltdown, refused to go to the office, etc. As my sub put it, "I felt like I had been drug behind a truck."

So when I returned to class on Thursday, I met with New Kid to discuss the consequences, including the fact that he probably wasn't going on the field trip with us the next week. He was a little upset, but seemed to understand. From there though, the day went downhill. Fast.

Here's what I wrote in my journal: "New Kid acted up a little during writing, then a bunch more in math-knocked his pencil box [over] in the process & he got got very angry & I sent for the Crazy Counselor [who was filling in for the principal while she was out of the building for two days]. Crazy Counselor let him play a "video game" [to calm him down]." Then, as I was bringing the kids in from lunch recess, New Kid bounced a ball off the wall above the doorway. Right after I told him not to do that, as I turned to walk back to the front of my line, he bounced the ball off the back of my head!!!

"I whipped around & told him I was so mad, rushed to the office, threw the secretary in with my class & had a breakdown in the back office." My head was fine, but I was so mad and frustrated that I couldn't help but cry.

Long story short, New Kid got in-house suspension for two days, missed the field trip, had to write me an apology and we scheduled a meeting with his mom for the following Monday. Next time I'll tell you about the meeting and the flying scissors.

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