Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Need A New Mantra

With the first day of school fast approaching, I feel I need to pick a new, more positive mantra to use throughout the year (Last year I went back and forth between "I don't wanna go to school," and "I don't wanna be a teacher.") Anyone out there have any tips for getting in a positive mental state for the beginning of the school year?
-Pigtailed Teacher


  1. How about "Happy Days are Here Again" or "Sexual Healing" oh wait...that was just on the radio...not a very good mantra during the school about "Just BOOGIE" or Live your BEST LIFE! (that's my mantra this year, and it seems to be working!)

    Love you girl! xoxoxo

  2. At work we've adopted "Surviving the Dream" as our mantra (playing off "Living the Dream"). I've also adopted "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" as my personal theme music at work, but you have different hours than I do.

  3. Glad you're not sticking with last year's choices... how about "There's only one 1st day" ?
    Nah, that's lame.