Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I've Learned So Far...

Since I've been working out, I've remembered a few things I use to know about being getting shape:
1. When I workout, I generally want to eat healthier.
2. I need to make exercising a priority and that means every week I need to schedule where I'm working out and when...and then make sure I stick to my plan!!!
3. If I'm hungry (or just want to snack on something), I should probably eat a fruit or vegetable (which means I need to cut up the fruit and/or cook the veggies before I'm starving).
4. When I'm cooking I need to chew gum so I don't snack mindlessly. I also need to have someone else put the food away after dinner or else I'll keep munching away.

(Today was Zumba class at Sonny Newman's Dance Studio ( The instructor could have been a Saturday Night Live character and the moves involved a lot of bootie shakin' and hip isolations. Quite the workout!)


  1. Great reminders!

    I also find it's helpful to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Sometimes we misjudge thirst for hunger and could squash some of our misguided munchies if we can drink just one glass!

  2. Good morning! You have received an Awesomeness Award!

  3. Thanks for the Awesomeness Award Sunny! I really appreciate it. :)
    -Pigtailed Teacher