Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best (and Tackiest) Present Ever!

Last Monday one of my students walked into class and handed me a belated Christmas present. (Yay! I love presents!) But since it was the first day back after break, I didn't have time to ooh and ahh over it immediately. Instead I thanked her for the wonderful surpise and put it aside to look at after school.

At the end of a pretty smooth day in third grade, I sat down at my teacher's desk and noticed the present sitting on the floor next to me. The first thing I take out of the gift bag is a gem in itself...a glossy 8 x 10 photo of my student (and her brother, who I had last year), fresh from their holiday trip. I then pick up the other item in the bag, a medium-sized, wrapped box...I'm thinking chocolates, yup, definately chocolates. But boy am I wrong! This is so much more than chocolates. This is something I can use in the classroom. Something I will smile at each time I see it. This is....

a glossy cat key chain holder!
(engraved with a golden "Florida" in the lower left hand corner!)

Obviously this student had listened to my stories about Mugsy and Mookie (my two senior kitties) and thought of me while walking around a crowded gift shop in Orlando. What a sweetie!

If you're interested in learning more about Mugsy and Mookie, check out their blog at:


  1. Very sweet. Just when you think the students aren't listening to you...