Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bingo + Karaoke = A Good Time For All!

On Friday night a group of us hit the Greenwood Senior Center in Seattle for some bing0-karaoke fun. ( Some of us went early for the $5 spaghetti feed, while others came at 7pm for the main event.

Now you may be wondering why a bunch of 30/40 somethings would want to hang out at the senior center on a Friday night, but you have to understand that this event has become the hippest place to be on the first Friday of the month! There's an eclectic mix of all ages, and the wine and beer only cost $3. The music is great, and the crowd is rowdy! This time over 160 people reserved tables, which was good since they ended up turning away people at the door!

If you're ever in the neighborhood on the first Friday of the month, you should check it out for yourself!

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