Monday, January 18, 2010

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Every Sunday night I find myself wondering, "Where did the weekend go?" Even this weekend seemed to fly by and it was a day longer than normal. I think I've decided that every once in a while I need to write down what I "have done," and ignore my endless "to do" list. That way, I feel like I've actually accomplished something. So here's what I've done since I left work on Friday (in no particular order) :
  • took a nap
  • attended a partner massage class
  • babysat one of the cutest babies around
  • picked up Taco Bell for lunch
  • planned a ghetto-fabulous birthday party
  • picked up pizza for the party
  • picked up an ice cream cake for the party (I love me some "ice cream and cakey cake!")
  • picked up gifts for the party
  • wrapped gifts for the party
  • picked up adult beverages for the party
  • decorated for the party (while the afore mentioned cutest baby took a nap)
  • watched a bad movie (Beyonce's Obsessesed)
  • had adult beverages (orange juice + Peachtree Schnapps = yumminess)
  • ate a pizza dinner
  • ate cakey cake
  • watched part of Saturday Night Live
  • slept in
  • got a peppermint hot chocolate (thanks to one of my Christmas coffee cards)
  • took a walk around my new neighborhood
  • did three loads of laundry
  • watched another bad movie (Dear Me: A Blogger's Tale)...I had hoped to be inspired, but sadly I wasn't. At all.
  • corrected a math assignment
  • corrected the spelling tests
  • corrected two reading tests
  • watched a disturbing movie (Nursery University)...It's a very well done documentary about the competitive world of nursery schools in Manhattan.
  • corrected a reading assignment
  • corrected the science final project
  • watched another movie (Up by Disney/Pixar)
  • corrected two sets of cursive
  • inputted all of the above into my grade book
  • slept in again
  • had breakfast at Ikea
  • delivered meatballs to two friends
  • explored a local fabric outlet
  • went to the Salvation Army (Bought my mom lots of yarn for less than a dollar a skein!)
  • had a late lunch in the International District
  • tried two new Asian pastries
  • talked to three friends on the phone
  • hit an uber Christmas clearance sale at Kmart (Bought myself the holiday cookie jar I had been looking at. Instead of $19.99, it was only $0.99! I got seven bags of stuff for a little over $18! Woo-Whoo!)
  • tried out a step aerobics class at a gym I might join
  • returned something to Ross
  • had dinner (and a glass of wine)
  • took a shower
  • watched Chuck and Heroes
  • put some of my laundry away
  • scooped the litter boxes (and washed my hands twice)
  • talked to my parents on the phone
  • and blogged

I know that sounds like a lot, but when I think of the ongoing "to do" list in my head, I can feel my anxiety start to rise. I didn't use to feel this way. I think all aspect of life became more stressed when I started teaching. Any suggestions for how to deal with it all? I'd love to hear suggestions. :)

-Pigtailed Teacher


  1. WOW you sure did a lot! I have started an obsession with lists to keep track of what I need to do and to have the satisfaction of crossing off completed items.

    Did you like UP? My husband and I seriously heart that movie. LOVED IT! And in comparison to the others, I bet it was the best you watched....


  2. How am I suppose to keep reading after the phrase "partner massage class"? ARRRGGHHH, MY EYES!!! Heh. Love ya, Sisa. XXXOOO, An'

  3. "I've decided that every once in a while I need to write down what I "have done," and ignore my endless "to do" list. That way, I feel like I've actually accomplished something."

    Fabulous idea! I'm going to do one this weekend. =)

  4. I'm all for doing "done" lists, rather than "to-do" lists. I too have running to-do list in my head and often get so overwhelmed by it that I give up, grab a cuppa tea and make cookies instead.

    I think the problem I have with to-do lists is because I'm always more ambitious than practical. I mean, really, who has time in the day to get everything done that I'm sure has to absolutely be done before I go to bed! It doesn't help that often my brain seems to prioritize things in a weird way, depending on what I'm avoiding at the time. :)

    I also started doing a master to-do list about every other week or so, just to keep track of where I'm spending my time. I write down everything that I possibly want to get done and cross them off when/if I do them. It helps me to see what tasks I'm reluctant to ever finish, which I'm sad to admit is a few...

  5. Hi KT...I did like UP, but I wasn't really prepared for the sad beginning. I mean, I knew there was going to be some sad moments in the movie, but I wasn't expecting it in the first ten minutes!

  6. So Carrie, did you make a "have done" list this weekend? I'd love to hear about it. Let me know if you post it on your blog!

  7. Angela, how did you get to be so wise? The whole idea that we're more ambitious than practical is brilliant. :) I hope you remember to put "have a cup of tea," and "bake cookies" on your next to-do list.

  8. Wow! What an impressive list. I only wish I had been along for the festivities. It seems to me that you really use your time wisely. I know exactly what you mean about the "to do" list in your head as I have one too. For me, making myself take time just for me helps a lot. That, and a little wine and chocolate.:)

  9. My list is now up on my blog, oh pig-tailed one. =)