Sunday, January 3, 2010

See Dad, I Told You I Didn't Quit!

So it's been over two and half months since I've written, but as I've been telling my dad, that doesn't mean I've quit blogging. It just means I took an extended vacation from it.

During my unplanned hiatus I did some serious apartment hunting, found an apartment, had to pack up the old one, move, and then slowly unpack at the new place. Also during this time our computer broke, and then our rebuilt computer called it quits, too. Since then I've hard a hard time motivating myself to do anything...unpack the last of the boxes in our den, find a gym that has lots of "fun" aerobic classes, or even blog, for that matter.

But with the new year comes renewed dedication for setting goals and actually trying to obtain them. One of mine of course, is to blog more. (Not hard to do considering my recent activity!) Anyway, this time though I'm looking to post twice a week. If I write more than that, great...I can consider it a bonus and give myself a gold star for effort. Talk to you later this week!


  1. Welcome back, Sisa. That was 82 days between posts — that's like infinity in cybertime! Love you! XXXOOO, An'

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere. =)

    And thanks for stopping back by my blog too. That stray we found is still up for adoption. In a 'twilight zone' coincidence they've named him Diego. o_O He's healed up and put on some weight and is apparently super friendly towards everyone, so hopefully he'll find a forever home soon.

    When are you going to join facebook?

  3. I'll join Facebook when it helps me earn $40,000 a month. :) I can barely handle just doing a blog, let alone a whole other site.