Friday, August 21, 2009

Exercising and Blogging

Why is it that good habits are so much harder to keep up than bad habits? For example, I mean to exercise daily, but if the littlest thing interferes with my regular schedule, I'm totally off the healthy wagon and embracing the sedentary lifestyle. The same seems to be true for blogging. I want to write at least a little each day, and honestly wake up each morning intending to do it, but just one day without writing sends me down the winding road of procrastination...I suppose that's why it's 11:17 pm and I'm just now sitting down to write. I know it will only get worse once school starts. Ugh. Anyone have any suggestions?
Pigtailed Teacher


  1. Make less specific goals. I know it doesn't sound like a great suggestion, but hear me out. New Year's Day come around and I'm feeling like my soda intake is way too high. I can either resolve that I will give up soda (a goal doomed at its very inception), or I can set myself a goal of drinking less soda. How much less? Doesn't matter, just less. Very non-specific and highly successful (maybe 2-3 cans a week, down from about 2 a day). That's my 2 cents...

  2. Carrie! How good to hear from you again!

    I like your idea of non-specific goal setting (and congrats on cutting down on the soda...very hard to do!).

    Any ideas on what I can blog about during the school year? You know, 180 days of small moments, 180 days of beverages linked to the kind of day I had, 180 days of funky fresh dance moves to counter the stress of teaching...something fun that will keep people coming back. What do you think?

    PS...I do miss the sounds of "Pookie?!?!" ringing through the air. :)

  3. I like reading anything about a day in the classroom: A lesson that worked well (or one that really didn't), something interesting or funny that the kids said, something that happened with a co-worker, a new idea you are trying out in the classroom, parent stories, your philosophies, ect.
    As an ELED student, those types of posts are really interesting to me because they give me an idea of what the profession is really like as opposed to the textbook version I get in school! I love hearing about the aggrevating and upsetting moments as much as I enjoy hearing the positive ones!

  4. Hiya Pookie. =)

    I don't know that you really need a gimmick per se to keep people coming back. I think your writing is good and you find a lot of humor in the world around you. That will keep people coming back more than anything. That said, I like the dance moves one...though you may have to do a video blog for that to really work. ;)