Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Square Lotus....and Some Not so Vegertarian Food.

Last Thursday I met my Auntie N. and Cousin A. for lunch at a vegetarian friendly place in Bellevue, Wa. All three of us are differing levels of vegetarian and enjoy trying new restaurants. Auntie N. knew of this particular restaurant, Square Lotus, and my cousin and I were excited to try it. To start our meal we ordered "pork" skewers, "chicken" egg rolls, and some "chicken" summer rolls. All three were very yummy, although the skewers had a surprising gingerbread taste to them at first. Our entrees were just as delicious. In fact, my leftover sesame "beef" didn't even make it to the fridge.

Three of the most sane women in our family together for good food and good conversation...a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

Later that day a couple of us took urbanite mommy ( out of the house for baby's first happy hour. We went to a new place called The Signature. It boasted happy hour food and drink specials from $2-$5. Our waitress was a bit flaky, especially when it came to announcing last call for happy hour (shame on you waitress lady!), but overall our experience was a positive one. The garlic fries were grubbin' and the orange juice and vodka didn't give me a headache.

The funniest moment of the entire day came at the end of our happy hour experience. I was casually looking over the menu choices, reflecting on what I might blog about in the future, when I noticed the fine print listed under the garlic fries...."Deep fries saute with green onion, garlic and chicken powder." Chicken Powder?!?!?! Who's ever heard of putting chicken powder on garlic fries?!?!? I thought french fries would automatically be vegetarian?!?! No wonder I was licking the plate (and my fingers) clean?!?!

Oh well. At least it was funny. :)

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  1. The veggie food at the Square Lotus was good enough even the silly non-veggie people would be happy - and the company was even better!
    But Kami Lee... you need to learn to read the fine print... just like on Tylenol bottles... heh heh heh...