Monday, August 17, 2009

Sangria and Washable Markers

Well, I'm back from two weeks in Texas (lots of stories to come!) and it seems that no matter how hard I try to deny it, my summer is officially coming to a close. Not only did I have a coworker call me last week to pick out a date for a mandatory, all-day, math training, but I have also started back-to-school shopping for me, and for my classroom. I'm fine with me part...that included a two hour shopping trip to Kohl's to comb the clearance racks. It's the classroom part that has inspired me to breakout the bottle of sangria in our fridge (a tasty birthday present from Baldy the Urban Geriatric Mom at:
While at Target today I noticed a clearance sign above the Rose Art 10 pack of washable markers...only $0.55 a pack! Wide or fine tip! After a bit of hesitation (again, I was trying to deny that my summer is less than two weeks long at this point), I put 15 packs of each type of marker in my cart, along with 15 packs of colored pencils and a super cute notebook for keeping all my "important" teacher papers corralled. I'm usually a Crayola fan, but at $0.55 a pack, my students can use Rose Art projects just fine. I know I bought pencils at Staples earlier in the summer, but since I only payed $0.25 for 25 packs, I didn't really count it as back-to-school shopping. But with this most current trip to Target (and later on in the day, another trip to Staples for $0.25 composition books), I have definitely crossed the line into the school zone. Aahhh!!!!! Where's my glass of sangria? Sigh.


  1. Hello and welcome home P.T. congratulations on the great back to school deals, and my condolences on the loss of another summer gone to soon...
    and god bless the lords drink to sprinkle a little sunshine on the rain cloud that looms above!
    check out my new site

  2. Those back to school deals are indeed awesome. It's a great time to stock up on supplies. I've never tasted sangria. Is it kind of like wine?

  3. Hi there Urbanite Mommy. I'm so glad to be back in Seattle. Look for my Texas themed posts and pictures this week! I checked out your new site. ( It's looking good...and that baby of yours is darn cute!

  4. Hi Betty,
    Too bad you haven't tried sangria yet! :) It's like a yummy combination of juice, fruit, and wine. There are endless recipes for it, some using red wine and others using white. There's a very tasty, and rather inexpensive, kind called Real Sangria (imagine a little line above the A in Real). It runs about $6 a bottle and you can find it in most supermarkets. It's a little dangerous because you can't really taste the alcohol in it. Let me know if you get a chance to try some!