Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Goals

There are a few goals I wanted to accomplish this summer, and with my vacation quickly coming to a close, today I decided to focus on what could be considered one of the biggest tasks at the den closet. This includes organizing my "stuff-it" shelf and going through all of the papers in my filing box.

Below are the Before and After shots of my the shelf makeover. This comes after many hours, two episodes of The Gilmore Girls, one episode of Project Runway All-Stars, and two raspberry vodka/7-up/pomegranate juice adult cocktails. I still have a few things to file tomorrow, but I think I've come to a good place to stop for the night.




  1. Good on you! I guess that's another way to handle goals...either very vague or very specific.

  2. I used your advice about being vague. On Thursday I have to make "a couple" phone calls before I can go have a hooky day with Amy. As long as a I make two calls I've got my goal covered. :)

  3. You may even feel so motivated my achieving your goal that you end up making three calls! But you don't need pressure.