Monday, September 21, 2009

Cute Kid Quotes

In order to get to know my students better, last week I had them fill out a questionnaire. On the last question they had to complete the following sentences:
  • Happiness is...
  • If only...
  • Friendliness is...
  • To care is...

Here are some of my favorite responses (with limited editing):

  • Happiness is climing trees.
  • To care is to halp peapole cros the stret.
  • Happiness is eating my moms pudding.
  • If only I could make my moms pudding.
  • Happiness is a cat.
  • If only my family went camping more often.
  • Happiness is extra recess.
  • If only I could do a roundof backhandspring.
  • Friendliness is to defend someone and to play with someone.
  • Happiness is rice.
  • If only I could get out of math.
  • Happiness is done my homework on time.
  • To care is easy.
  • Happiness is eating chocolate in belgium!
  • If only I could have the key to the house.
  • Happiness is like the sun.
  • To care is to love.

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. "Happiness is eating chocolate in belgium!"

    Did you fill out a questionnaire too? ;)

  2. No, but mine would include something about a day filled with reading books in bed, napping with the cat, watching bad tv, sipping girlie drinks, and eating a variety of yummy, but probably not healthy foods (like my grandma's mac n' cheese).

  3. Happiness is two kinds of ice cream, finding your skate key, telling the time.
    A Charlie Brown song I love and haven't thought of until your post. Thanks for the smile.

  4. I think these kids are on to something, chocolate in Belgium, pudding - lots of pudding, rice, and having someone to play with....
    these are kids from my own heart, they obviously have their priorities straight!

  5. I like to think that the cute kid comments help make-up for the dumb comments we hear from adults. :)

  6. "Happiness is rice."

    ...That is my FAVORITE! It definitely sounds like something I would have said as a kid. I must admit, I eat rice with EVERYTHING!

    Reading this, made me smile! Thanks for posting! :)