Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day Two...Feet Feel Swollen Twice Their Size

The nice thing about the beginning of the school year is that you don't really have to plan a lot.

Really, you don't.

That's because every activity takes twice as long as you expect.

You have to teach about a bazillion procedures to go with each activity...where to get a clipboard from, where to put your home folder, how to walk in the hallway in a straightish line, how to make a lunch choice, where to put finished papers, when to sharpen pencils, what to do when you're finished with your work, etc. The list goes on and on.

In the end though this may be the one time of year I don't feel pressured to have the kids produce work and be on task 100% of the time.

That starts next week. :)


  1. The scary thing is when the feet are actually swollen twice their size.:) We discussed shoes and arch supports yesterday at work. No surprise.

  2. Oh dear, that's not a good sign when you have to discuss shoes and arch supports at work (unless of course, you work in the shoe industry). :)