Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day Four and Five

The last two days have been strange.

Yesterday was "sad day." A co-worker had to put her cat to sleep. I learned two people I know have brain tumors. And Patrick Swayze died.

Today seems to be "weird and creepy day". A co-worker shared with me a disturbing letter one of her elementary students wrote today. It was about the different types of guns and explosives he knows how to make. Then, as I made my way across the teachers' parking lot to go home, I noticed two adults (possibly parents) getting very comfortable in the grassy area behind the school. I suppose they were just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, but it seemed a little out of place on school grounds. And while I was at a happy hour/curriculum planning session, my co-worker got a phone call from her very pregnant sister, telling her that a presumable crazy man had just yelled at her on the street, demanded money, and told her he'd be back. How scary!

I'm hoping that tomorrow's theme for the day is one of good luck and happy surprises. I can't take any more of these downer days!

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  1. It sounds like it's been a tough week. I hope things get better!
    I was curious, is there some kind of steps that the school must take with regards to the kid that wrote that letter? That is very scary!