Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Tomorrow is the first day of school. I think I'm finally to a place where I'm physically ready for the kids to come; meaning I've got the classroom set-up and most of the materials prepped.

Today was a long day because it was the Back-to-School BBQ. As a kid I never knew teachers didn't want to go to after school activities. Now though, I think I only know of one or two teachers who actually look forward to evening activities (and those are teachers who have been teaching too long to know better anymore!).

I just finished my first day letter and a glass of white Zinfandel. The letter is short and sweet, and it only took me a few minutes to update it since I was able to find the original on my computer.

I think I'm going to challenge myself to blog every night of this school year. It sounds like a daunting task when I reread my blog out loud, but I know I can do it. It might just be one sentence, but I want to make writing a daily habit and I already see it falling by the wayside now that I've returned to the classroom. So all of you out there, if I don't post something one day, write me, ask me where the post is, make me feel guilty...I'll put it to good use, I promise!


The Pigtailed Teacher
PS...Here's my "To Do" list from last week. What wasn't finished on the list has been transferred (and downsized) to a Post-It note on my desk. Let the games begin!

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