Monday, July 20, 2009


A friend of mine recently had a baby and I have been there for the entire ride...from discussions on pregnancy constipation to actually being handed the video camera in the delivery room and told to keep rolling. I've seen the exhausted look in Mommy's eyes and heard the coos from Baby that make it all worth it. I've had spit-up on my knee, and my shirt, and my hand. I've even see photos of Baby's first solid poo (I'm not too upset that I wasn't there to see the real thing. The photo is good enough!)

My friend has started her own blog, to help others realize what goes on in a new mom's life and to share the fun and real adventures of being a first time, older mom. It's called, Baldy the Urban Geriatric Mom and you can find it at

Baldy said I should write about being a co-parent to Little Miss Thing, but I think I'm no where near co-parenting status. I'm more like a super cool support person. I don't have to do nighttime, wake-up several times, feed me now, and change me duty. I won't have to deal with Baby when she starts teething or when she has her first case of strep throat. And when she's crying, she doesn't want me. She wants her mommy (or daddy, if mommy is not around). And I'm okay with that because I still get loves, and kisses, and I play fun games like peek-a-boo and get-the-waving-hand. Babies are pretty cool and I'm glad I get to be there for this one. :)

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