Friday, July 17, 2009

Experiement Number 1, Day 4

Just checked the elevator. Still detergent on the floor. Since it's Friday, I'm not guessing it won't get cleaned up until next week, that is, if it gets cleaned up.

Here's some background information for you about the origin of this experiment. A couple months ago a dog peed (I hope it was a dog!) in our elevator and two and a half days went by before I saw one of the apartment managers. I casually let her know that it reeked of urine in the elevator. There was another suit-like company person sitting in her itty, bitty office, so the apartment manager acted surprised, said she didn't know anything about it, and promised she'd get the maintenance person right on it. Liar! She knew about it! She lives in the building and parks her car in the garage and rides the elevator up and down to her apartment on the second floor! Lying bitch, you knew about the nasty puddle in the elevator and didn't want to clean it up yourself.

I'm pretty sure the detergent will just be left to grind itself into the stained carpet.

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