Monday, July 20, 2009

"It's Never too Late to Adopt a 40 year old!"

When most people think of adoption they think of cute, cuddly, little babies or maybe they might think of adopting an older child maybe a 6 year old, maybe a 12 year old. Unfortunately teenagers are commonly over looked when it comes to being placed with new parents. I'm Baldy and I am sad to say that my biological mom passed away when I was young. But a few years ago I was adopted by my best friend's girlfriend, you may know her as The Pigtailed Teacher. This wonderfully witty school teacher already had a tight knit group of girlfriends, but never failed to make me feel right at home in her presence, but a little over a year things took a turn for the better, she, a super busy social sassy, ask me to participate in a mini-triathlon with her, I was honored that she wanted to train for an event with such an ass backward, athletic slacker, such as myself, so I jumped at the opportunity. Shortly after committing to this event I found out that I was pregnant, and being the physical fitness flake that I am, was looking to bail on this whole triathlon thing, but not wanting to let P.T. down, I waited for her to give me an out, by telling me that it was ok if we didn't do the triathlon. P.T. did not, instead she rousted me onto a proper training schedule, she endured endless hours of my whining and complaining, coached me through open water neurosis, and opted to walk with me when I bitched about being too 'pregnant' to run. We completed the triathlon! dead last, but we finished! All because she never gave up on me, and it didn't stop there, being 4 months pregnant I was just moving into the "Oh Shit" I'm going to be a mom mode, which meant 1/2 of my brain shut down and the other 1/2 simply shifted into denial mode, focusing on nothing more than "what color shall I paint the nursery?" This is when the official adoption took place P.T. bought me maternity clothes, made me register for baby stuffs, trained to be my doula, bought the baby throngs of clothing and toys, sat with me in my house when I was to pregnant to waddle about town, called to check on my condition daily, planned my baby shower, and was there perfectly clad in her pink Mock Doula outfit, ready to hold my hand when the big day
came. That was 7 months ago today, now her and her boyfriend (my friend that brought her into my life) are not only the most fabulous pseudo parents to this semi-crazy 40 year old mom but they have become the best co-parents to Little Muffin that I and my partner could have ever dreamt of. So the moral of my long winded story is, that is never too late for adoption, us old kids need love too! So for all of you out there with extra love to spare, think of the cast of characters you call friends and adopt one today!
If they are over 18, they probably aren't tax deductible though. sorry

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  1. You are too sweet, Ms. Baldy! I'm getting a little teary eyed sitting here in front of my computer. I'm glad I get to be a part of your crazy world! Why are you getting all sentimental on me? Did you have some of that good tea from Pike Place? :)