Sunday, July 26, 2009


To Move or Not to Move? ...That is the question.

Our lease is up at the end of August, but we have to let the apartment manager know by August 11th if we want to move. Here's the pro/con list so far:

Possible pros for moving:
Cheaper rent, hopefully no smokers on either side of us, healthier (I've developed allergies since living here), no more stupid Essex apartment managers, better control of apartment temperature, and less ghetto neighbors (our place doesn't look ghetto, but the actions of some of the people who live here make it seem ghetto-like).

Possible cons for moving:
We have to spend time hunting for a new place, lots of packing and moving of boxes (right before school starts!), changing our address on everything, higher parking fees and/or no parking, painting, possible less desirable location, and the whole first-last-and-deposit thing.

Any thoughts?

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