Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shout out to Staples!

I had to stop by an office supply store yesterday to purchase something for a special project I'm working on at home, and while I was there I got sucked into buying back-to-school supplies. I went to Staples first since last year I joined their "Teacher Reward Program" and I really liked their customer service...and I liked the good deals they gave to teachers! You know how most of those places have a 1 cent special each week to draw people in? Well, usually you can only buy one or two of those items at the discounted price. But at Staples, if you sign-up for their teacher rewards program you can get a class set (25) at that price. For example, yesterday I got 25 packages of pencils for a penny each. That works out to 300 pencils for 25 cents! I was worried that since the economy is in the crapper this year that maybe Staples would cut back on their rewards program, but they didn't. So thanks Staples! Those pencils will definitely come in handy in my classroom. :)

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