Sunday, July 19, 2009

Experiement Number 1, Later on Day 4

Well, it happened...sort of. Someone cleaned up the detergent in the elevator, or at least they tried to. I got into the elevator Friday evening and was sad to see a majority of the the powdery substance was gone. I fear though, I may have tainted the experiment earlier in the day. You see, I was getting my mail from the front of the building and overheard one of my neighbors talking to her friends about our elevator. I interjected that it's not a very clean elevator and then we briefly discussed the mysterious white substance (I of course, relaying the past dog-pee situation). I'm afraid that the manager-type person that was sitting in the nearby office with the door open, may have heard our conversation and went to checkout the dirty elevator. No worries though, I'm sure I'll have another experiment around here soon enough...maybe I could document how many days the apartment manager parks in one of the handicapped spaces in our garage? I'm sure the Essex company would love to know one of their managers does that on a daily basis. Hmm...

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