Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Nights

I really love summertime. The candy-filled parades, cheesy, local festivals, and the return of the vitamin D producing sun! I love all of it. But what I really enjoy is the lack of stress I feel on Sunday nights.

During the school year I often get the Sunday-night-back-to-school-blues. That means I'm a little crabbier, I might have to write off doing something fun with friends in order to face the schoolwork I brought home, and if it's a particularly bad case of the blues, I might end up with either an upset stomach and/or mind that won't shut off at bedtime.

But all of that changes during the summer. Mondays are just an extension of the weekend (and a return of one of my guilty pleasures, reruns of The Gilmore Girls.) No upset stomach. No last minute prep. No alarm clock going off at 6 am (unless I want it to, dammit!).

Now I just need to figure out how to make my summer last the other ten months of the year. : )

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