Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Niche?

What should my niche be? Teaching and art? Teaching and stress? Teaching and yummy girly drinks with little umbrellas in them?

Or should I do something with art? Art and my family? My students? Myself? Simple art projects everyone can do?

What kind of project could I take on that would keep people interested and coming back to this blog? One on weight loss? On my potential flossing habit? One blog I saw recently had a woman's list of her new year resolutions and people could view her progress on them so far. (They could also see photos of her hair growing.)

What kind of weekly or daily item could I add to the blog that would draw people in? Perhaps a question of the day, or a photo, or an entry from my cats?

What about a section for free/cheap things, coupons, etc?

Maybe my focus could be on children's books? A weekly review? Curriculum ideas? Maybe a place to buy used children's books?

What do you think?

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